Table of Contents


Here, is where I will upload the novel I’m translating along with the Table of Content.
Once again, since I’m doing 1 novel at a time, no need to worry about things like jumping off to another novel when you’re going to the next page~

And so, enjoy~

Rebirth Merchant: Wonderful Space Hunting for Military
Chapter 1 Humiliating Rebirth
Chapter 2 Ability Awaken
Chapter 3 Qin Zhan’s Help
Chapter 4 The Weird Song Family
Chapter 5 Selling Raw Stone
Chapter 6 The Thoughts in Regards to Entrepeneurship
Chapter 7 Picking a Fight with Ruffians
Chapter 8 Practice Target
Chapter 9 The Standard in Buying Clothes
Chapter 10 Bishounen Song Ye
Chapter 11 Hacking Skill
Chapter 12 Raw Stone Auction
Chapter 13 People of Family Qu
Chapter 14 Entering the Mountain
Chapter 15 Saving Yun Hua
Chapter 16 I Will Be Back
Chapter 17 I’m The One Who Killed You 
Chapter 18 Purgatory
Chapter 19 In the Name of Gods
Chapter 20 Back to School
Chapter 21 The Witness Wang Tie Chuan
Chapter 22 No One Can Bully You
Chapter 23 The Winner Shall be the Leader
Chapter 24 Becoming Famous
Chapter 25 Lu Lan Coming to School
Chapter 26 The Song Family Banquet
Chapter 27 Selling Daughter
Chapter 28 The Secret of Birth
Chapter 29 Assets of Tens of Millions
Chapter 30 Who Are You
Chapter 31 Prison-break
Chapter 32 Revenge
Chapter 33 Don’t Want to Teach This Type of Students
Chapter 34 The Gamble of Entering the First Class