Table of Contents


Here, is where I will upload the novel I’m translating along with the Table of Content.
Once again, since I’m doing 1 novel at a time, no need to worry about things like jumping off to another novel when you’re going to the next page~

And so, enjoy~

Rebirth Merchant: Wonderful Space Hunting for Military
Chapter 1 Humiliating Rebirth
Chapter 2 Ability Awaken
Chapter 3 Qin Zhan’s Help
Chapter 4 The Weird Song Family
Chapter 5 Selling Raw Stone
Chapter 6 The Thoughts in Regards to Entrepeneurship
Chapter 7 Picking a Fight with Ruffians
Chapter 8 Practice Target
Chapter 9 The Standard in Buying Clothes
Chapter 10 Bishounen Song Ye
Chapter 11 Hacking Skill
Chapter 12 Raw Stone Auction
Chapter 13 People of Family Qu
Chapter 14 Entering the Mountain